Why is Homosexuality so divisive?


As I wrote about Utopia, I realized how divisive our modern politics are.

But, why is Homosexuality, Gay, so divisive? I can understand someone taking money from one person and giving that to someone else being divisive.

But, isn’t ‘Gay’ supposed to be ‘natural?’ Isn’t Gay one of the flagship changes progressives want to see happen in the world?

So, if it is a natural evolution to mankind, why is it so divisive?

I just made a comment on another bloggers site about her father not being able to embrace her bi-sexuality.

Why is it ok for family to not accept a child becoming a Christian? Yet, some expect family should accept someone becoming Gay?

But, being Gay seems to be as divisive as becoming Christian.

I do not get it. I do not understand the desire for becoming Gay, but I don’t understand why it is so divisive either.

Does any one else get it?


PS: I read this on CNN after I wrote this.

If being Gay is inclusive, why is the allegation of homosexuality enough to end a Bishop’s career?

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