I won the LOTTERY.


OK, to be honest, I did not quite win the lottery. But, I did get an unexpected check.

And that money led me to ask, “What would I do if I got ten million dollars?”

OK, first, ten million? Because money is not worth as much as money used to be worth.

I would give $400,000 to a Christian Orphanage.

I would give $300,000 to Build a Church.

I would split $300,000 between a Food Bank and throwing people a big Bar-B-Que.

That leaves 9 million.

I would buy a small condo in Odessa, Ukraine. I would buy a newer Nissan Altima. I would buy a used pick up truck and a travel trailer.

Total less than $200,000.

$800,000 would go into savings bonds (TIPS).

And eight million would go into putting people to work.

Did I leave anything out?


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7 Responses to I won the LOTTERY.

  1. J. Palmer says:

    If you are a Christian, you forgot to tithe.

  2. J. Palmer says:

    Ah, now I see. I just saw the 400k for the orphanage and didn’t originally factor in the other charitable stuff. Carry on good soldier!

    • I try. I try.

      Thank you!

      How would you split up your winnings?

      • J. Palmer says:

        I don’t think I would ever want the responsibility that comes with that kind of wealth, but if it were thrust upon me, I would tithe, and pay off the mortgages/debts of my family members. After that, I would buy a decent car for myself and wife, bank whatever is left and do my best to live off the interest.

        Fun to dream…

      • I am not paying off my family members’ debts. But, I am putting people to work.

        I just wish my cash inheritance was ten times bigger. But, I think God is taking it that direction.

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