Why won’t the VA take care of Veterans?


The Washington Examiner reports on systemic problems at the Veterans Affairs Administration.

I watched Mark Flatten discuss the VA earlier today. And I was impressed by his reporting. His articles ask some of the difficult questions. And he tries to hold the VA accountable.

But, honestly?

Why is the VA so far behind?

And why is it so systemic?

Yesterday, a Veterans Representative told me they found a stack of case files hidden in a closet at the Houston Regional Office.

Is this crazy or what?

If the numbers are true, we are talking tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars not being paid to the veterans.

Veterans applying for these benefits are often using these benefits for their main source of income – because they can no longer work. And often, their military disability is the reason they cannot work.

So, why isn’t the VA doing a better job?

What do you think?


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