How much is enough?


I blogged about winning the lottery and running for President.

And while I didn’t dwell on this question, the question is important.

The question, “How much is enough,” produces some great answers.

I mean that.

If you understand what is enough for you, then you understand yourself. If you do not understand the question and answer, you do not understand yourself.

Some answers are immediate.

If $20,000 per year is enough, you can work almost any job and be satisfied.

If a billion dollars is enough, you will have to be in the top tenth of a percent of people in the world.

So, how much is enough for you?

For me, it is around $40,000 per year. Yes, I have worked that out several times over many years.

How much will help you be satisfied and happy?

Notice, I do not think having enough brings happiness, but I believe it can help you.

So, how much would help you?


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