How should we get America under control?


The immediate problem is the debt problem.

Like I just blogged, those who pay taxes owe over a quarter million dollars each.

That is more money than most of us could borrow on our own, but our government wants to unload their problem onto us.

Is that fair?

I said this is the immediate problem. But, I believe this is just a crisis created to distract us from the dangerous changes made in our name.

Why create a crisis to disguise what they are changing?

Because their motive is wrong, and they know that. They know they failed women when they described all men as ‘evil.’ And now, half of our children are on forms of government welfare. Think about that. Had they not destroyed family, we would have less than 20% of our children on government welfare.

That was an expensive cultural change.

And they did that to us.

And as a single man, I am discriminated against all the time. It takes me over twenty times longer to build a friendship with a woman than it should take.

Than it used to take.

Than traditional friendships took.

So, by forcing America to fear the crisis they brought upon us, they distract us from the underlying problems.

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