What is free enterprise?


What exactly makes ‘Free Enterprise,’ free?

Enterprise is basically work. But, when we modify that work with freedom, what do we really have?

Do we have the opposite of slavery? Is it the basis of a contrasted, or opposing, view?

I do not think so.

I think Free Enterprise means things we are starting to misunderstand in modern America.

See if you agree with me about this.

Free Enterprise means that you are free to work, start a business, doing anything you can afford to do as long as it is legal and morally right.

But, what has changed in America for me to point out this is no longer so in America?

Well, first, there is discrimination.

Have you heard about the Indians coming to America and working six years without paying taxes?

Snopes vaguely wrote that this is an urban legend.

However, the IRS makes allowances for ‘tax treaties.’ And they do not tell you what those tax treaties are.

Even if they are not getting away tax-free: GE; Soros; Buffet; Gates; and many other politically connected people and corporations do get away tax-free. Think about Facebook which got paid half a trillion dollars by the US government. That is half of our deficit this year.

So, back to the problem.

Corporations, and individuals are not free to practice business in America. Rather, some businesses are free to conduct business. While most businesses pay to support those elite businesses.

That is not free enterprise.

It is socialism. And specifically, governments working through preferred businesses has often been called Fascism ….

Free Enterprise should be free of the insane politics facing small businesses in America today.

If you want to burden businesses with unnecessary taxes, then burden the big businesses. Remove the unfair taxation of smaller businesses which cannot afford the unfair taxation.

What do you think?

Should big-business get special tax breaks? Or, should small business get fair tax rates?

Yeah, that is the same question isn’t it?


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2 Responses to What is free enterprise?

  1. sally1137 says:

    Exactly. And QEInfinity is robbing from the future to enrich the Big Banks. It’s so disheartening.

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