Why can’t teachers teach our children?


I was watching Foxnews on cable, a rare treat. I do not pay for cable. But, I am currently living in a hotel – long story.

They mentioned that public education now costs almost four times what education cost in 1970. And our students are not doing better.

Why is it that we are paying 4 times as much, but we are not getting any more in return?


Why is this all across our government?

I think you know my position about our wasteful government. Politicians like to waste. They do not know how to balance a budget. And they thrive on making America worse rather than better.

But, I think public education shows this in its details.

We spent more on public education, so we could give women a better income.

I do not think paying people more is a bad thing by itself.

However, we paid them more just because most teachers are women. We discriminated for women teachers. I think discrimination for or against people is almost always dangerous.

An exception would be discriminating against criminal behavior.

But, the overall fear generated by the militant progressive agenda during the 1960’s and 1970’s had convinced many Americans that women were usually abused by their husbands, and women needed help.

But, do not say women are the ‘weaker sex.’

OK. We helped women.

But, we did so at a greatly increased cost. We now pay four times as much for public education (inflation adjusted dollars) than we did in 1970. Ironically, private education has not made huge spending increases. The result is simple, it is now cheaper to send children to private schools than it is to public schools.

Ironically, private education is still a better education than public school. Regardless of ‘quality of teachers,’ private school is better.

I think this also points at the greater problem.

Many men and women attracted to public school ‘teaching’ are not attracted because they want to be professionals. However, you still see professional teachers in the private sector – even though they get paid less on average.

I know I wandered around as I was writing. So, in summary, we continue to overpay teachers; and we do not get enough professional teachers in our public schools; children from fatherless homes perform poorly and pull down the rest of their class; we should have performance standards for our teachers.

Can we turn around our public schools? Can we get them to perform like private schools? Can we spend half as much as we do now, and get better schools? Isn’t that what private schools are doing?


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2 Responses to Why can’t teachers teach our children?

  1. Well as far as putting more in than what we used to, you gotta think about inflation. That’s probably one of the bigger factors. Also, the No CHild Left Behind Act kind of sucks and could really use some reform. OK read, could have gone with a lot less ranting though.

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