Why must I change?


Whether we discuss the Federal inability to cut a trillion dollars of wasteful spending, supposed gay ‘rights,’ or women as priests almost all progressive ideas attacks traditional values.

Just as progressives and militant feminists destroyed the family, their current agenda attacks traditional Americans.

They change the discussion to be about ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals.’ This allows them to argue about only about taxation. But, the real problem is the attack upon traditional American values.

The same values which founded America.

Family, God, and Country were key to our founding and our growth. And especially to God blessing America for over two centuries.

Now that progressives have removed God’s blessing, they refuse to admit their guilt and responsibility for the current mess.

Instead, they demand that I give up more.


Every taxpaying American owes $280,000 …. on absolutely nothing – PURE WASTED SPENDING.

And they want me to give up more of my tradition.

Should I become a European progressive?

Or, should I remain a traditional American?


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3 Responses to Why must I change?

  1. ryan59479 says:

    I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers included the whole separation of church and state thing for a reason when helping create our government.

    • Thank you for your comment


      They did not want government changing the people, what the people believed, or religion.

      And their fear has become real. Currently, traditional Christianity in America is under attack – from our government.

      How can we restore the faith of our Founding Fathers to America?

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