Would you be President?


A friend of mine jokes about running with me for President and Vice President.

But, honestly?

Would you run for President?

Would you be willing to age 20 years in eight, or 10 years in four?

Would you be willing to not be able to do anything because of politics and politicians?

My pain is what holds me back.

But, honestly?

Dealing with politicians for more than a week would be difficult. Can you imagine trying to work with people who have never worked; who have never held a real job; who have never done anything for the good of the American People?

That would be difficult.

What would be the most difficult thing for you?


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7 Responses to Would you be President?

  1. Dave R says:

    When I was in my mid-30s I used to wonder what could be so hard about the job. In my 40s I was absolutely certain I could do the job. In my 50s, when two presidents were my age, my certainty increased – I was certain I could do the job better than either of them, and probably at least as good as Washington, Lincoln, and FDR combined. Now that I’m 65 I am damn glad I didn’t do any more than think about it.

  2. sally1137 says:

    The press digging into my private life. As a conservative, I wouldn’t be given a free pass, so that pot smoking I did in college and those taunting math races in fourth grade would be a problem. Not to mention that I was always picked last for kickball.

  3. Ray's Mom says:

    How brave you are. Dealing with politicians, I would not make it past the door. Saying what is expected, what is “correct” by someone’s agenda – can’t handle that.

    • Thank you for your comment!

      You are correct. Dealing with politicians has become crazy.

      They demand rights for the homosexual population, while they forget the rest of America. Because of that, they are bankrupting America.

      Can we turn things around?

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