Here is a dystopian view of our future. In this future, no one takes a bath – to save money and resources.

Tell me if you think it is cute?



My name is Ana Patton Mendoza.  I was born in the Year of Waste, the early days of 2015.  My granddaughter, Liliana, says I have the memory of an elephant.  Elephants were extinct long before her birth, of course, but the lifespan of language has always been longer than that of life.

I am a baker.  I have green eyes.  I haven’t had a bath in over 20 years.

Yesterday, I celebrated my anniversary to my one true love, Gabriel — Gabe — Mendoza.  He passed away several years back, not long after my daughter and her husband.  It is a love still worth celebrating, but a time that is hard to look back upon.  Liliana, with the effortless wisdom of a 10-year-old, gifted me a journal to store my turbulent thoughts.

I suppose if you’re reading this, then this dusty anniversary present was found in a box with other…

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