Common wealth?


I read this book back in 2008 as the economy collapsed.


The progressive agenda was to take our money and give our money to the world.

Did I say was?

The agenda is to take our money and give it away.

Even if they must borrow money in our name and enslave us.

And our grand-children.

Now, I agree that being the largest and most powerful economy in the world we should be able to help other people.


Americans, especially traditional Americans, give much more per person than do the progressives in most of the western world. And that is true here at home as well. Traditional, family-minded Americas give more than twice as much as the average progressive.

So, what is the difference in the money I give and the money they give.

My money comes out of my pocket. Their money comes out of my pocket.

Progressives do not give their money.

They give ‘common wealth.’ They consider your and my money to be their money.

How long can we afford their agenda?

I don’t think much longer.


PS. The book was well-written, but it really did not do a good job of explaining why you and I should let other people give our money away.

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