FINALLY! Obama stimulates the economy!


Have you heard all the depressing news about our government?

The longest recession in history is our current ‘Great Recession.’

Our economy hasn’t grown since 2008 ….

So, why does government keep increasing wasteful spending?

And why do the ‘economists’ tell us our economy is MUCH bigger than in 2008, so the government can borrow more money?

But, back to my title, and the purpose of the blog.

If Obama was stimulating the whole economy like he is one sector, we would be out of financial trouble in a couple of years.

Can you guess the sector of the economy which Obama and Biden are encouraging?

Hint, it is Constitutional.

As in Bill of Rights.

It is Guns and Ammo.

Why would a strong anti-gun President, and a confused Vice President, spend so much energy stimulating the Gun Industry?

Have you gone to a sporting store lately?

Everyone in town, and the mega store out of town, are posting signs telling you they are out of ammunition.

Most are out of GUNS.

Out of guns.

I would guess that guns are selling at least 4 times as much as they were last year, or in 2006.

I have been to several stores where they are so low on guns and ammunition that they are placing other items in their display cases just to fill the space.

Basically, 9mm, 22, .556, and .308 ammunition are out. And other ammunitions are in short supply. The same is true of guns.


I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THIS. In America, we are rationing guns and ammo.

Can you believe that?


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2 Responses to FINALLY! Obama stimulates the economy!

  1. cherylplumlee83 says:

    Have you seen the latest on Obama? – It’s hilarious and mind blowing, I don’t think he’ll survive it :-

    [removed the link. The website was obscene.]


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