Thank you George!


I often blog about conversations I have in real life. IRL, in real life, I am a simple man. But, I am open to discussion with other people.

So, I discuss things with other people.

Sex, drugs, rock & roll, hip-hop, politics, religion, marriage, gayness, writing, blogging, and any topic you have read on my blog is a fair topic for me to discuss with people.

Well, ‘George,’ is a friend at a local restaurant. I stop here for coffee and a temporary office.

OK, George told me about a survey he participated in from the City of San Antonio.

They wanted to know how he would feel about another law protecting renters from discrimination based upon sexual orientation.


OK, this time George and I agreed.

What about protecting the owner based upon his, her, their religious expression?

By the way, BTW, George and I are on opposite sides of most discussions.

But, this time, I share his concern.

What about a religious school? Would they have to accept someone in their dorms, and their classes?

What about me as a landowner?


Why should I have to interview someone that opposed to my Religion?

Would I have to let a terrorist live in my home? Yes, that is extreme. But, extreme Islam is about as alien to my Religion as is homosexuality.

I do not mind negotiating some of my Religious freedom away if we protect children and Christians from persecution.

But, this honestly sounds like an attempt to persecute Christian property owners.

Why would sexual orientation even come up in a normal land lord & tenant interview? And forcing this issue would really make me uncomfortable.

Thank you George for this topic!

What do you think?


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