WHEW! Why is wordpress so difficult?


I just updated the postaday link on my blog.

You would think that the cut and paste they tell you to do on their directions would work.

I would.

Wouldn’t you?

So, I started on the postaday page.

I copied the link advertised. And I pasted that link into the old link from last year.

Then I get an error message telling me fix the code ….

So, what did I do?

I parsed the link …. Oh. I should explain that. Most web links you click on are actually a set of commands to the web server. The server then ‘parses’ those commands and sends you back a page.

So, I did what a computer would do. I parsed the link. Edited the button, so that the data would match what had been in the link I copied.


Why didn’t wordpress just parse their link and put their data into their boxes on their button?

Oh well.

The ‘easier’ computing gets, the more we need people to understand what the code is actually doing.

Are you enjoying your day?

I am.


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