Why do I blog?


In every activity, motive is important.

The main reason I write is simple, it distracts me from my pain.

But, that is not a motive you can relate to.

So, after my number one reason, there are a couple of other reasons.

Second, I enjoy the ‘fictive dream.’ So, I read a lot of fiction; I day-dream a lot; and I write. All three activities take me into dream state and away from pain.

Third, I believe some people enjoy my writing. Whether, I am writing fiction, or lampooning our crazy political situation in America I believe many people enjoy what I have written.

Fourth, I enjoy writing …. but, more than just enjoyment, I became a better writer. Each blog entry, every comment I have written, and even my journal entries made my writing slightly better than it was before.

There are other reasons. But, after the reader, other reasons are not important. And after my personal enjoyment of writing, the other reasons are distant and do not impact each paragraph I write.


I wish the reader was the first instead of third reason. But, my injury was a life changing event.

So, thank you readers.

I appreciate you and your reading my crazy, and sometimes informative, words.


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