Do twisted lies become truth?


I am not a fan of either of the Pauls. I do like Rand more than Ron. I do agree with much of what they say.

But then they go off the deep end, they lose me totally.

But, I read one of those supposed fact-check sites. Politifact spent a lot of time trying to make Ron Paul’s position look bad, because he said Muslim countries get more aid than Israel.

OK. Wouldn’t a simple statement be true or false? Why did they need to spend several hundred words saying that he spoke the truth or he lied? At the end of their twisted tale, they said his claim ‘was mostly true.’

You know, a liar is a liar.

The website gave enough data to indicate that Ron Paul was completely honest and spoke the truth.

Why does every day read more like a page from Orwell’s 1984?

Who is the ministry of disinformation?

Who do you think?


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