Have you ever had a angry Feminist Tuesday?


I began the day at McDonalds. There I met a Doctor. He and I discussed his marching for freedom and equality in the 1960’s. He noted that he was concerned for ‘white’ men in America, “because all the commercials depict white men as stupid.”

Later I went to lunch. After a woman tried to hit me in the parking lot, she got out of her car. She yelled. During her justifying why she was right and I was in the wrong, she said, “Of course you thought you had the right of way. You thought you had the right of way because you are a man.”

I went into the restaurant and had lunch.

After lunch I went to Best Buy. And if that was not enough angry feminism for one day …

I walked over to two young men working at Best Buy, as I looked for a wireless router. The woman they were helping said, “I just wish they would kill all the old white men.”

I wish I could make this stuff up. I would be a multi-millionaire fiction writer.

What should I have said as a comeback?


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9 Responses to Have you ever had a angry Feminist Tuesday?

  1. sally1137 says:

    How is that not sexist? Not sure you’d be able to ask that question, since men have become second class citizens. FWIW, this woman defends men at every opportunity.

  2. freepussyriot says:

    You really have no comeback when the world has been your privilege as a white man. Were it not for generations of white men before you, leading with power and treating everyone as secondary, things might have been better for you. My suggestion is to just prove them wrong and be a good person. We should embrace everyone even old angry white men.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      However, I would point out it was the generations of white men who gave you the privilege of Freedom, were my ancestors.

      They, and I, have not treated others as secondary. That propaganda is a recent aberration in America brought about by the progressive agenda.

      • freepussyriot says:

        I appreciate that. No doubt. Let us not forget all the abuse that others have suffered under the hand of the white man also. Sure, I feel a slight pang of guilt, I discussed this with an Australian friend of mine today who has suffered from racial taunts by his own countrymen but of white originality, his family are immigrants. To not take everyone’s prejudices into account and feel sorry for a domineering race who’s had the superiority for decades seems a little rich. I am a white woman and I understand my privilege and the fight my sisters underwent so that my choices are easier than what they were, it doesn’t mean I hate men or deny them respect even though my family particularly women had it tough. While you sit and feel sorry for yourself there are hundreds who have it far worse, to discount them while feeling sorry for yourself is foolish. I understand where you’re coming from yet I extend my thoughts to others. Thanks for the reply.

      • While I thank you for your comment, we disagree.

        No. You do not even come close to understanding me.

        I did not come from the Intelligentsia and the Elite.

        I came from the People.

        We have almost always chosen the difficult right over the easy wrong.

        And there is no reason to disrespect me, or any person, because you are a woman.

        That is racism, sexism, and prejudice. Pure and simple.


      • freepussyriot says:

        Oh, ok. I think what you might be suffering from is white supremacy. Never mind, I’m sure it’ll blow over. Tomorrow is Wednesday and a different day at McDonalds – a capitalist structure that welcomes everyone.

      • No, I am not suffering from your misguided view of men.

        I suffer when I am discriminated against. Keep your view to yourself, and it does not hurt men.

      • freepussyriot says:

        Ok. I’m sorry. There’s a whole bunch of confusion out there right now and everyone needs to chill the rocket and share the love sometimes even if that means buying a doughnut and sharing it. We will never agree on the same things. There’s no point in battling you and I battling it out. Good day to you sir. I’m done here.

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