Why do people hate children?


I watched a Fox reporter as he ‘ambushed’ the leader of Colorado’s Senate.

I felt sorry for the guy.

And the O’Riley Factor pointed out that the politician supported marijuana and gay marriage, but not Jessica’s Law.

And I genuinely felt sorry for the guy.

But, then I read the wikipedia article I linked above.

And I came to a different conclusion – all of those progressives are CREEPS ….

Wiki claims the law punishing perpetrators is no good because they claim it does not stop criminal behavior.

Then execute adults who rape 12-year-old children. Execute them.

Criminal behavior is punished. Why should we, the people, baby-sit criminals?

Sick is sick. If a sick person commits a crime, punish them.

I know some think that is harsh, but personally, I care more about the 12 year old kids than creepy adults.

What do you think?


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