I cannot make up better Fiction than the reality of our era.

In San Francisco, Marxists gathered to honor Chavez and call for a Revolution in America.

Didn’t they already change America? Do they really need to slaughter innocent Americans, women and children?

WOW. I know Chavez won’t rest in Peace. And I feel sorry for him. I honestly think he meant well, just like the progressives in America.

But, meaning well, and destroying your country do not go together in the same sentence very well.


What do you think?

Do we really need more Marxism in America?

Although, I must admit, when true Marxists come to power, they have always rounded up the homosexuals when they rounded up the Christians and the Jews.

Are you ready for more Marxism in America?


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  1. sally1137 says:

    The liberal homosexuals and the liberal Jews will be MYSTIFIED when they get rounded up. The conservative ones already know what’s coming.

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