What did my family die for?


I sit here pondering the recent revelations that our government wants to hunt down and kill Citizens.

I am relaxing after a day of encountering angry feminists.

I called my mom and dad.

I have been calm all day long.

I have thought about my family, and our participation in the Great Experiment called Freedom, and called America. And I wonder, did they really die for this?

Not in the darkest days of the un-Civil War did Americans (northern or southern) forget that they fought for freedom. They believed in Family, God, and Country. As I believe today.

And while the South was associated with oppression and slavery, the southerners truly believed they were fighting for Freedom and America. My point is not about the mistake of slavery, or the century it took to break the bonds.

Rather, they all fought for an ideal called Freedom, and called America. And just as misunderstanding what it meant to be governed and how to govern was a problem then, it is again a problem now.

The difference?

The Elite are in power.

And the People are not.

Do you think we will survive these dark days? Or, do you think this is the beginning of the end?


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