Why does the Atty General want to assassinate Americans?


Am I the only Citizen who finds this scary?

CNN plays down the Atty General’s letter to Senator Paul.

There is not much more in the original letter.

Holder wrote to the Senator that it would be OK for the President to use drone strikes against Americans on American soil without trial, jury, judges, Congress, the Senate, Citizen approval, or any other kind of oversight.

Now, I know some astute progressives will say, “That is not exactly what he wrote.”

You would be correct, but that is what he meant.

And that is scary.

We have elitists running the country who believe it is OK to assassinate their opposition.

What is different about that and Cuban, or Venezuelan, or Iranian ‘Democracy?’

I honestly thank God above that my grandparents did not live to see this day.

Do you agree that this is a dark day in the history of the USA?


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