Why doesn’t CNN report the news?


Last year, CNN and other ‘tech reporters,’ slammed the iPhone. They claimed the Galaxy 3s was the greatest thing.

I got a Galaxy and my first iPhone. The same day. I configured them at the same time, side by side.

iPhone was much better. Significantly better. There was no comparison.

A week after I took the non-performing Galaxy back, someone told me how great their Galaxy was. He said, “You should have given it more time.”

I said, “Well, that sounds logical. I just got my first smart phone. And I probably just need to get used to them.

Send me your contact information, and I will get ahold of you when I have questions.”

It took him 3 minutes to text me his contact information.

How is that a better device? How can people claim their device is better when they cannot use it?

Why does CNN take money to fake the news? OK, that is my assumption. It is my opinion, that the only reason CNN would fake news is they are getting paid to write the garbage.

Could I be wrong?

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