I thank God for courageous Black men and women.

Do you?

And, I can thank God I am not one of those ‘white men’ whom she described.

I have to agree with part of what our friend, and itinerate hippie, professor, propagandist in chief, etc wrote.

You know the ones, rich, entitled, telling the rest of us we need to pay for their sin of enslavement.

No, I am one of those ‘white men’ who came from indentured servants. You know those Scots enslaved by the illegitimate king of England. The same illegitimate family which profited from slavery?

Yep that one.

Yes, it took my family a couple centuries to recover. So, I understand blacks still trying to recover.

But, when my family was recovering from the prejudice, along side blacks in Texas, we weren’t rich enough to go to college.

Own computers.

Spend our spare time on the internet.


I have more in common with decedents of slaves than I do with our rich, Ivy League, WHITE President.

But, the progressive narrative tries to deceive me into thinking I do not.

The progressives want me to separate from my Black Kindred. They want us to fight each other. Like fighting cocks in a ring as they bet upon which of us will die first. So, they can kill off the other. As they, rich off of our sweat, go home and entertain each other about what we, the uneducated masses are doing.

As they, the ELITE, tell us to eat cake ….

Maybe we should break out the guillotines for the ELITE, like our uneducated Frenchmen set the examples for us?

I wonder how many of the ELITE would depict us as apes?

Go ahead, call me a monkey, say it right, ‘chango.’ Been called that many times before.

I survived.

As did my ancestors. Those funny men we call Founding Fathers. Did they get everything right?


But, they took the terrible and evil hand dealt to America by ELITE Muslim warlords and ELITE British slavers, and they forged America, by the grace of God, into the greatest country on Earth.

Yes, some of our Black friends are scarred and marred for life, by the economic slavery of their friends the Democratic Party – who were friends of the KKK.

Well, when you take money from the same people who gave money to the KKK, what do you expect will happen?

Good? Or, evil?

I thank God I have met so many great Black men and women. Black men and women who ask me, “Why are white folks so down trodden? Why do you people let the race baiters get to you? They only spread hatred, because it makes them rich and powerful.”

I thank God for courageous Black men and women.

Do you?


Stacia L. Brown

From an outsider’s perspective, say, from the purview of a citizen whose great-great-grandfathers were land owners, voters, arbiters of the unamended Constitution, we spend a lot of time lamenting. We deflect our own savagery by blaming it on their ancestors. Our hearing turns conveniently selective when they insist that they are not their ancestors. They know full well that, after our brief exchange — wherein they will glumly wonder, How can black people be so unforgiving? — they will go home and turn a key in the lock of a house they’ve either purchased outright or will pay off before the age of 30. They know how easily they qualified for their low-interest mortgage. They know their parents’ pristine credit, ensured by their grandfather’s investments and assets, inherited from their great-grandfathers dividends, insured by their great-great-grandfather’s land ownership, made that possible.

And they know our great-great-grandparents — both of them…

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