The SEVENTH thing possible in America.

OK, our friend blogged on 6 things possible in America.

While I satired his six recommendations in my comment on his blog, there was some thought in the questions posed. And at one time not too long ago, those six recommendations were affordable in America.

Then came the Clinton era ‘balanced budgets.’ Ironically, his budget magic was replaced by Obama’s frank disregard for balancing the budget. America is in so much debt, no one thinks we can balance the budget.

Well, in America, we can balance a budget. And the American people do balance budgets every day. Most of us are very successful. A few of the others declare bankruptcy.

What is the 7th thing possible in America?

Yes, balancing the budget.

Reduce military spending in America. EASY to do. Require all politicians families to be drafted for 2 years during all periods of war. War would be much quicker and cheaper.

Reduce spending upon welfare. If you use welfare, you must return 32 hours of public service picking up trash – if you do not work, you do not eat. Give the people incentive to go to WORK.

Balance Social Security and Medicare by eliminating Medicaid and supplemental payments for welfare under social security.

Reduce welfare payments back to what they were before Obama took office. There is no need for people on welfare to be able to afford an iPhone, or cigarettes.

What do you think?

Would we reduce the deficit in quick order?


Revolutionary Paideia

1.      Ending Poverty in America.  In the richest nation in the world, there’s no reason why any person should live in abject poverty.  We have to be committed to an economic system that is not going leave no one behind in poverty.  It’s a conscious choice America makes to not eradicate poverty.  If our nation was truly interested in eliminating poverty, it could be done in a matter of minutes.  For this to happen, there must be a greater will expressed by the American people, and there must be significant pressure placed on local, state and federal leaders to engender policies and legislation that will end poverty.  Although there’s a burgeoning movement to exterminate poverty, a massive number of more people must get involved in this movement for it to accomplish the essential goal of living in a nation devoid of poverty.

2.      Ending Illiteracy in America.  If…

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4 Responses to The SEVENTH thing possible in America.

  1. I agree with some of the cuts in spending you propose. Although America is in debt, the nation could accomplish the six things I offered. The politicians in Washington, D.C. are going to spend the money anyway, so it’s best to spend it on the six noble things I presented. I do very much appreciate you reading my piece, reblogging it, and engaging in this discourse about it with your readers and on my blog.

    • And I agree with your sentiment.

      I wish America was still the land of Gold.

      But, for some reason, politicians want us in debt – SLAVERY. Indebted to slave masters.

      And that is scary.


  2. I’m all for deficit reduction and cutting spending, but I also have a strong concern for the current suffering of millions of Americans. In your responses, you have not addressed any concern for the real suffering of millions of Americans. Deficit reduction has to be coupled with compassion for suffering.

    • Antonio,

      I suffer enough. I also suffer for others.

      But, the reality is simple.

      Forcing others to give trillions of dollars so you do not feel guilty is the opposite of Robin Hood.

      Robin Hood stole back the taxes the elite government had burdened the poor with.

      What a different story today. Today we burden the middle class until the ‘poor’ have more disposable income than the middle class does.

      That is not suffering I can condone. The middle class should not become poor to give the ‘poor’ an iPhone.


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