I was SOO tired. so, I flew ….


To understand me, you really need to understand the basics.

And while there are many basics, few place a smile on my face like a flight ….

I am an old Texan from and old Texas family.

Yes, I do know why Robert McKinney served under the 1810 Flag. I still do not like Napoleon.

Yes, I come from the McKinneys who threw a ‘tea party.’

And I live in the Former Soviet Union. And I LOVE IT THERE!

But, of all the things I truly love, FLIGHT is at the top.

Not above Jesus, but, you might not believe me …. if you saw my face after I got out of a ‘bird.’)

This ‘bird’ was a 172 …. (pronounce that “One-Seven-Two.”)

Now, just so you know. THAT IS NOT SMALL – enough for me …. Flight has always been fun for me. And I do not care what size the ‘bird’ is …. I wanna fly the ‘Black Sea Monster’ – biggest ever. And I wanna fly a ‘Challenger II.’ The Challenger is smaller than a 172.

Challenger II Mod 3

The 'Black Sea Monster'

And contrary to what wiki wrote about the Black Sea Monster, she was reputed to fly at 200 feet …. I am not sure I want to get out of Ground Effect with an Ekronoplan that poorly shaped for true flight.

I did NOT, have NOT, never wanted to think that I was crazy like a “Chuck Yeager.”

Yes, every landing you can walk away from is a ‘good landing.’ But, in my dictionary, a ‘good pilot’ never looks for ground to fly into.

This week?

I am chasing that $100 hamburger.

Know any airports where I can find one?

OK, it may be 9 days until that infamous hamburger.

BUT, I will find it.

Just so I can tilt for Robert. He deserved more than 27 years.



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