Why do gays want violence against women?


I just read this article on CNN.


The reason they give for adding gays to the domestic abuse shelter tax program, is that they were not getting priority treatment.

BUT, in the fine print, we read that the LGBT community has a much HIGHER ABUSE RATE.

For decades, you have been told I am the problem.

I am a white male.

I was the reason women were abused.

I have taken a woman to an abuse shelter.

TRUST ME, they DO NOT NEED crazy LGBT women there on top of the CRAZY straight women.


When someone ‘noticed a man in the house,’ the cry went out like a FIRE ALARM. The wailing began. The woman and children I brought began to tremble and rock back and forth.

Traumatized women do not deal well with SAFE MEN. What do you think will happen to their tragic emotional state when you introduce LGBT abuses and abused?


TRUST ME. They were scared to DEATH that I was a FAKE, trying to INFILTRATE their system.

A gay partner after a gay partner CAN EASILY SLIP IN.

And now so can a straight partner after someone inside ….

So, why do they want to open women up to MORE ABUSE?

I do not understand.

If they want to protect themselves, they should open up their own networks. IT IS COSTLY to provide shelters for women and children. But, to open those safe houses which have been built up over decades to A VIOLENT sub-minority is SCARY.

That is what I think.

What do you think?


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6 Responses to Why do gays want violence against women?

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  2. The title alone is extremely ignorant and offensive. Its too stupid to merit a refutation.

    I suppose gays and lesbians who suffer from domestic violence don’t deserve a shelter. Where are they supposed to go?

    • Robert,

      Thank you again.

      Didn’t you read the thread?

      Heterosexual women in an abuse shelter are very fragile. That is the reason there are NO shelters for men abused by women.

      You asked for the like showing the greater abuse rates among your gay partnered friends. And I provided that.

      My thread was not about denying LGBT abuse victims a shelter. It was about the simple FACTS.

      Abused women are segregated from society for their protection. They are segregated into ‘safe houses.’ Because they are already traumatized.

      Now you want a man to be able to call in and say, “I am gay and my partner is abusing me.” You want that man transferred into a facility designed to protect only women and children.

      What will happen in your scenario when a violent man finds his wife and children by lying about being gay?


      • None of that means that “gays want violence against women” as you offensively said.

        What about lesbians? What excuse do you have for denying them access to shelters?

        What if there were segregated shelters so that men and women were kept separate? Would you have a problem with male only shelters accepting gay men?

      • I would not have as much of a problem for segregated shelters.

        But, why should groups which can barely afford to remain open be forced to take the additional costs and expense of providing for people they were not formed to take care of?

        That is discriminating against the shelters, most shelters I know of in Texas were formed by Christian groups. So, now you have the government discriminating ….. Where is our freedom?

  3. The shelters were set up to help victims of domestic violence, those are the people they were formed to help.

    Seriously, you need to find out what the word discrimination actually means, because you’re throwing it around like confetti.

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