When Blacks hate Blacks, who wins?


I just read a powerful demonstration of the propaganda the media calls ‘dialogue.’

Cynthia Tucker writes about Dr. Ben Carson for CNN.

While she wrote she admires Carson, she also wrote: “[Blacks show] an unerring instinct for rejecting condescension and dismissing tokenism.”

Wow. How can you admire a ‘token’ Black man? I have never heard of a ‘token’ anyone who was ‘admired.’ That is rhetorical hate speech not admiration. Further, she never explained how Carson condescended towards her, or other Blacks. Even while she condescended Carson throughout her article.

I won’t play games.

Her hate speech was a great example of using rhetoric (fancy words) to incite hatred. And yes, she wrote well and accomplished her objective.

But, she DID NOT prove her propaganda was accurate, nor did she prove Carson is a terrible man.

She did what many of us were forced to memorize in High School:

“Friends, Romans, Country men! I have come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” Beginning with those words, Mark Anthony sways the public against Brutus.

She used the strength of mighty words to advocate the opposite of what she claimed. She did not admire Carson, she hated him. Just as Anthony was there to praise Caesar, she was there to hate on Carson.

When a Black woman hates Black men, who wins?

I believe we all lose. We lose the right of public integrity. We lose many who would serve in the public arena and balance the budget; many others who would struggle with those difficult decision which we all know must be made.

Instead, many good men and women decide the public arena is a war zone that is just not suited for their service as public servants.

And so? The evil win out because the noble fail to stand up, or the noble are cut down before they have a chance to bring us true change we can believe in.



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