Can we afford Gay ‘marriage?’


There are many things absent from the ‘narrative’ around the social experiment called ‘gay marriage.’

One of the greatest missing pieces is COST.

Ironically, this is at a time, the Democrats refuse to write a budget, much less balance it. And the ignorant Republicans help them, but that is a different story.

The cost is enormous.

There seem to be about 140,000 gay households with children. Rounding a little bit, with the expectation there are about 1.8 children per gay household. I am lowering the estimate a little bit from this article at ABC News.

There seem to be about 250,000 children living in gay households. And the tax cost savings is about $2,000 per child. 250,000 times $2,000 is a 500 million dollar a year cost just at the Federal level.

I would guess the insurance costs would be about the same. So overall, this experiment will cost over a billion dollars a year in hard money.

What will ‘we the people’ get in return for our ‘investment?’ Don’t you love how they have changed stealing money from you for their pet projects has become an ‘investment?’ That is definitely a different blog though.

Will we get a return on our investment (tax money spent)?

I really don’t think so. Whenever they can twist the math to ‘show’ a return, they brag about it. And they have been very quiet. So, I think the rest of us will lose another billion dollars a year.

What do you think? Good or not so good? I did not want to use bad when describing children ….


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11 Responses to Can we afford Gay ‘marriage?’

  1. I would point out the very obvious fact that the benefit goes towards raising the children, but the fact you referred to it as “stealing money from you” shows you do not want a debate.

    • Debate?

      I am willing to give a large amount of my Religious freedom and responsibility in order to resolve this problem.

      However, claiming it is good for children does not make it true. In fact, most data would disagree with you.


      • Firstly, when I said benefit, I meant government benefit, i.e. the $2,000 dollars you quote. This money is going on helping raise those children. So the question is, do you think children are a good investment?

        Second of all, there is little or no evidence on children being raised in same-sex households, due to tiny sample size and relative newness of it. However, studies show that children do well in loving families, which most same-sex couples are. Also, as there is a selection bias, children are probably better in the average same-sex household than the average heterosexual household..

      • There is no indication that children are better in the ‘average’ same sex household. The ‘average’ same sex household has a 50% higher incidence of violence than the ‘average’ family home. And the ‘average’ family home has a 400% higher incidence of divorce, and most likely violence, than did the historical traditional marriages.

        Having said that, I am open to allowing ‘gay’ couples have a ‘civil union.’

  2. What is your source for those statistics? What evidence to you have to support the claim that same-sex relationships are more violent? How could same-sex households have higher rates of divorce when they cannot marry? Even in the few places where they have civil unions these are so new, its hardly likely that there are many divorces. Please supply supporting evidence.

    • Robert,

      One of my close friends was a police officer. He is very pro-gay. Extremely pro-gay. And when he begins defending gay marriages like you are doing, I simply reply to him like this: “OK, John, would you rather go to the home of a man and wife fighting? Or, a Lesbian couple?”

      Ask a police officer, or search through my blogs on this site. I have reported on this before.

      Statistically, male gay couples have a slightly higher violence rate if I remember correctly – statistically not significant. But, Lesbian couples have a MUCH higher rate.

      I expected the divorce comment to be related in context to traditional marriages compared to modern progressive marriages. Divorce was about 8% in the 1950’s …. first time divorce is now about 30%.

      • You still haven’t provided your source. You say statistically lesbians are more violent, but according to who? What statistics say that or are you just making it up? Where did the specific number of 50% more violence come from? Where did 400%?

        Instead of backing your claim up you give me an unrepresentative anecdote. In fact you don’t even say if your police officer friend agrees with you.

      • Robert,

        I did give you a source. I have already blogged on this in the past.

        I said, my friend agrees with you on gay marriage. And he hates to agree with me, but he must. Because he has been on domestic violence calls to many homes.


  3. Do you understand what I mean when I ask for a source? I meant an independent piece of evidence and fact to support your claim. Not an earlier post (which I’ll take a guess is just as unsubstantiated) which you do not even link. Nor is one single unverifiable anecdote an acceptable source. Try better.

    • Robert,

      I have researched. I have reported on the problem. I used sources.

      You ask to change society. It is your responsibility to prove the change is not detrimental – not mine.

      Defending the true status quo never needs support. I follow the historic and standard debating rules for debate and argumentation.

      And I still provided sources ….

      • “I used sources.”
        Where? Certainly not here anyway.

        You claimed that same sex households are more violent. That is not defending the status quo and your poor attempt to change the subject shows you know you cannot possibly defend your unsubstantiated claim. I am convinced that the reason you cannot back up your claim is because you made it up.

        I have elsewhere argued in favour of same sex marriage, but the point right now is your completely false claim.

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