Why not Gay households?


As I blogged the last thread, I thought about this.

The Census Data, and several LGBT research groups call the gay couples with children households instead of ‘families.’ I won’t say they are being universal. But, it is noticeable.

So, why don’t we push through a national agenda calling for gay households with civil union benefits?

Is there a specific reason?

I know this whole ‘gay marriage’ agenda is VERY recent. All the gays used to say they did NOT want ‘marriage.’ And some still say that.

But, back to this thread.

Would giving the gay community this recognition be good? It would bypass some of the arguments against gay marriage. Would this be enough to satisfy the agenda? Or, would they still want us to give them special benefits?


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2 Responses to Why not Gay households?

  1. “All the gays”
    Really? Every single one of them?

    • I do not know, I am merely remembering what the news media reported during the DADT narrative. If there were exceptions, the press did not report them, and they did not make their voices heard.

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