If you can, help Paul get over his writer’s block.

But, his writer’s block brings up two important point for all writers, and especially bloggers.

If you are writing, you do not really have writer’s block. If you are still writing, you may not feel ‘inspired,’ but you are still creating.

Think of it this way, a painter who is still painting is successful. So, why do we put down writers for producing less than their best? I do not look at one of the Masters and say to myself, “I can do better than that.”

I do not. Because I know I am not a painter or a sculptor.

Second, and maybe most important:

Writers should always have a story, or may stories, in reserve. Maybe they are not the greatest stories. But, we should ALWAYS work on new stories.

This way we always have a blog post, or a short story, when an editor calls.

Paul, I hope this will help you in the future, I think it would be too short of a notice for the here and now.

But, for the here and now? Take one of your existing stories. Change it from the future to the cave man days. Change it from Earth to Mars.

Change it from Native America to a future North Dakota after the American Empire is dead.


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