Here is an interesting take upon ‘gay’ marriage.

And while I understand much of her argument, I find equating marriage with equality interesting.

In a comment to me, she pointed out that marriage would not make her equal with married couples. But, the right to marry whomever she chose would.

I do not have the right to marry anyone I choose. First, I cannot marry married women. I cannot marry women who do not want to marry me. And the list goes on.

But, the equation is interesting. On one side, she argues for the right to be equal in marriage. But, then she stated marriage would not make her equal.

Therefore, if you seek equality and marriage would not make you equal, then marriage is not the goal.

So, what would the goal be?

Readers? Any ideas? Tolerant people? Any ideas?

If marriage is not the goal, then what is the goal in this debate?



Supreme Court

I am both excited and a little anxious about the two cases before the Supreme Court today and tomorrow. My future is in the hands of nine individuals charged with the huge responsibility to ignore their possible personal views and rule according to the Constitution of the United States. Here is a personal reason why marriage equality is important, and just how little it will have an adverse affect on traditional marriage. In fact – it will stop people like me from taking advantage of the current marriage laws. Let me explain…

You all know about Kitten and I. We are two women who share every moment of our lives together. We live together, share expenses, go to each others doctors appointments; we are best friends and lovers. Our lives are intertwined with one another in every way possible – except we can’t commit to one another legally. One reason for…

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