America is RICH.


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Usa world GNI percapita

I just read many other pages on this topic. And the ‘consensus’ wanted to convince me that Americans were only the top 10% richest in the world.

By comparison, the populations of Europe, America, and Japan are about 11% of the world population.

As this map points out, there are not many countries richer than we are.

In perspective: I calculate our poverty level to be in the top 4% of the world’s wealth. How do other people slant this to such different answers?

They compare money in the bank to income. OK. Let us face reality. I will not become a Rockefeller. I won’t. Neither will you.

So, instead of comparing ‘wealth’ in the bank, we need to compare income levels. At income levels, Americans all have more income than the next 94% to 96% of the people on the planet …..

Unless you are homeless and running from your government check.

I do not mean that to put people down. But, in America, if you have no income, and are homeless, our government will pay you. That check would place you in the top 4%. Or, very close to the top 4%.

Written differently, most people around the world work to make less than our average welfare recipient. Somewhere between 90% and 96% of the world earn less than what our welfare recipients earn.

I live in Ukraine. Throughout the Former Soviet Union, $20,000 per year is RICH. (FSU).

Maybe we could learn in America what the poor people around the world already know.

America is RICH.

Do you think we could maybe learn from them, and be happy with what we have?

What do you think?


Some other pages:

World Wealth Calculator. Like I wrote above, I think this site is 5% low, but it is a good ball park estimate.

Global Wealth Distribution

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