“Jesus is dead. I am telling you, Jesus is dead.”


I have an old friend from when I was in college. He used to be a Bible-Thump-er. You know the kind of ‘fundamental’ Christian everyone likes to make fun of.

He would argue with you. He would tell you “You have to believe,” or, “If you don’t believe, you will burn in Hell.”

Well …. while I went from being a drunk GI, he went to being an atheist.

Ironically, you could have met him in Dallas preaching on street corners about 30 years ago.

Yet, “Jesus is dead. I am telling you, Jesus is dead,” is something he could say to you today.

That or, “Jesus never lived.”


13 men were close to Jesus; and 12 of them died violent deaths; because they believed Jesus rose from the dead.

Hundreds of people who witnessed Jesus on the Cross were persecuted, because they believed he rose from the dead. And many were tortured and executed.

Even Polycarp was executed. And he was a gentle old man.

Not a young man, ready to die over any insult.

No. The many men, women, and children who died professing Christ as risen believed in someone greater than themselves. They truly believed Jesus had risen.

Those closest to Jesus believed he had risen from the dead.

Roman Emperors believed the Christian ‘cult’ considered Jesus risen from the dead. So, from those closest to the event to those farthest away from the event, almost everyone knew about Jesus rising from the dead.

Not everyone believed upon Jesus and His Resurrection. But, they knew about the event.

So, why do so many deny the event today?

Power. Greed. Control.

Power. The Church has always been powerful. Christians have followed Pastors and Priests for 2,000 years. Many want that power. And yes, that desire would be a form of greed.

Many want what Christians have, so they envy the happiness they see in Believers. Greed makes people do and say strange things.

Control. While some people want to get away from what they see as too much control of their lives, many more want some of that control over other people.

Just google and read some of the Atheists’ blogs. You will see many have become priests of the Atheist order.

OK. Did He rise from the dead? What do you believe? What do you think I believe?

Happy Easter.


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9 Responses to “Jesus is dead. I am telling you, Jesus is dead.”

  1. Atheism is the next, higher evolution…

  2. A few points. First of all there is historical doubt over the lives of the 12 disciples. It is now believed that previous stories of their violent death were exaggerated. Also that is in no way proof of anything. People have been willing to die for all sorts of causes throughout history. This does not validate the cause. After all the disciples of Joeseph Smith and Muhammed were prepared to die for their belief that they were prophets of God. Does that make Mormonism and Islam true?

    Actually, there are not hundreds of witnesses but only a handful of oral stories about Jesus on the cross and his resurrection.

    By claiming greed and a desire to control people, you merely show your complete lack of understanding. It would be insulting were you not so ignorant. I suppose you consider me a “priest of the Atheist order” to which I can only laugh.

    • WOW.

      You cannot argue against history, so you insult me?

      Go ahead, proclaim your Religion.

      But, you do not need to lie and deceive to do that.


      • Seeing as you accuse Atheists of being greedy and having a desire to control other people, you cannot pretend to be the victim of an unprovoked insult. I treat people with the respect they show for others, I dismiss those who dismiss others.

        Why did you ignore every point of my comment? Do you have no response?

        Atheism is a religion? Pull the other leg.

        I’m not arguing against history, in fact history supports me. You see, history is full of people who are prepared to die for their beliefs. This does not make their beliefs true.

      • When people abuse logic, I let simple comments stand against them. Or, said differently, why discuss with those who do not negotiate?

        As for those willing to die? I have never heard of any large group of people dying peacefully for their cause, except for the Disciples of Christ and of Gandhi. And Gandhi was a student of Christ.

        Now, if you want to talk about dying violently for a belief? There are thousands of examples, if not millions.

  3. “And Gandhi was a student of Christ.”
    You do realise that Gandhi was a Hindu? And that the pages of history are full of Christians violently dying and killing for their belief?

    Bobby Sands and the Hunger Strikers peacefully died for their beliefs in 1981. That does not justify their beliefs or actions. You need to come up with a better defence of a belief than just that people were willing to die for it.

    • I guess you never studied Gandhi. A very interesting individual. Gandhi kept a picture of Jesus behind his desk. http://www.kamat.com/mmgandhi/christian.htm

      Ignorance of history is not a reason for me to disbelieve the historical evidence.

      The hunger strikers, like Gandhi, chose lesser forms of violence (called peace) because violent methods were not available. If you study Gandhi, I think you will find he said that.

      That is not true of the Disciples. Nor was it true of Polycarp and the hundreds of thousands of other followers who have died for Christ. Many, many, died peacefully as a statement to the authority and divinity of Christ.

      You choose not to believe, and over a billion others choose to believe.

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