I would like you to read this blog by Christine. Then I wonder if she, or you would answer these questions for me.

Christine, I appreciate your dedication to teaching. And congrats on being freshly pressed.

Ok. Now for my questions.

(1) Since public education now costs taxpayers 4 times more in inflation adjusted dollars than it did in 1970, are we getting 4 times more for our money?

(2) Since private education costs less than public education, and gives students better opportunity, should I send my children to public or private school?

(3) Since for profit education (magnate) schools seem to cost less than public schools, why are public schools so expensive?


an educator's re-education

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am your child’s teacher.  My role as educator extends far beyond the walls of my classroom.  It is my profession, what I practice.   I have chosen to devote the better part of what will be the years that make up my life to educating your child. I take it very seriously and I should; I am a stakeholder in your child’s future.

And so are you. You take it seriously also.  You take your role in your child’s life more seriously than probably anyone else ever will.  You have spent countless hours modeling empathy and kindness, teaching right from wrong, helping your child learn how to navigate through an increasingly complicated world and spending time to understand who your child is and where he/she is coming from.   You do this in order to help guide your child down the path to who he/she will become…

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  1. Hey thanks, I’ll have a go at them, but I have to admit, it is a few hours after I should have eaten dinner, so I might not be at my best:

    More money spent on education does not equal better education. I would imagine that more money is being spent (and rightfully so) on special education students and high poverty students than in the past. However, I also know that it costs my district an exorbitant amount of money to process Standardized tests (we are talking figures in the millions for a pretty large district)…just wait until the new exams, which happen in almost every grade come out. There is also a great deal of money going to private companies (as I was attempting to point out in this post.) Everyone involved in education (taxpayers, community members, parents, teachers, administrators, policymakers, etc.) should be aware of where taxpayer money is going, but that is not usually the information most of those stakeholders are getting… they are instead receiving flashy and misleading rhetoric about failing schools, so that the people in a position to profit from that money can sweep in and do just that. Don’t get me wrong, I see plenty of changes that need to be made, but the resources need to be going to the right places, which they are not, in my opinion.

    I would imagine that public schools are mandated to provide many programs and remedial services to learning disabled or high-poverty students that are not as much an issue to students in private schools (at least, certainly for the latter). By services, I mean subsidized meals, state mandated academic intervention services, etc. Also pubic schools provide transportation to and from school for students. Public schools also offer health coverage to teachers and often have a higher average salary than private school teachers; I think I am very fairly compensated for the work that I do, but if you try to argue that I am overpaid, I implore you to spend a week with me and really see what I do before going there…
    Also, although the cost per student might be lower in private schools are the price parents actually have to pay really lower?

    I think your third question is sort of answered in my last two paragraphs. By no means do I claim to be some authority on the educational system in America, however. I am simply a public school teacher, who attempts to keep myself, my colleagues and my students curious and informed about what is happening in the world we share. I am sure you can find tons of more academically-minded responses to these questions and will be sure to check your blog post of this to see what others have to add to the conversation. But now, I must eat…

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