Writing while wet.


Emily wrote a nice piece about how writers work constantly with new ideas.

Her preferred method of preserving notes? Pen and paper.

Well, as you read her blog, you will notice that pen and paper are not great in her favorite inspirational zone: the shower.

Read her blog and enjoy.

Then come back to my blog to learn the easy and quick fix ….


The Bookshelf of Emily J.

My best ideas come in the shower.  I will be in the middle of scrubbing suds into my hair, with bubbles flying and sodium laureth sulfate dangerously close to my eyes, when the perfect topic will appear, and then the words will start to flow.  I will know exactly how to begin, what should come next, and even an outline will begin to form in my mind.  My ideas begin developing quickly, and as I realize the writing potential that I have created with a few minutes alone, I frantically finish washing and wish that pens and paper were compatible with water.

This happens inevitably, and although the conditions are not conducive to writing, there is an element of the shower that promotes invention.  It also happens in the car, while I am driving children to and from school, ballet, and piano lessons, but only if the radio is off…

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