Will Dalai Lama finally start making sense? I am not sure. But, this blog indicates he speaks reasonably well on occasion.

Compassion is important. And while I think he confuses love with compassion, at least he seems to be going in the right direction this time.

Without love, no one can show true compassion. Ironically, America has been so angry for so long, many Americans no longer know true unconditional love.

The anger in so many Americans is so deep, I often feel their anger just driving by them.

You know those drivers, they give you the smile that shows their canine teeth. The classic smile of stress and anger.

Maybe, this Dalai can help some Americans overcome their anger.

Personally, I think Jesus is a much better High Priest. And I think his love seldom had a smile showing canine teeth …. But, who knows?

What do you think?


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