Help me out.

What is the difference between business men profiting and elected officials & bureaucrats profiting? Is there any difference?


Diane Ravitch's blog

A reader comments:

The profitization of public education on the backs of students, parents & teachers is obscene to the spirit of the human being business we call Education. Families raise the children, educators prepare them for the free world as American citizens armed with knowledge and compassion to contribute to the good of this planet.

No matter how critical the corporate deformers think testing should be to the rest of us, WE educators have something they do not…experience.

The business model just doesn’t work quite the way they think it should in education. We aren’t manufacturing widgets, cookies or engine parts that are built through exact science and physics…all ingredients are the same in measure and substance to the finished product that rolls out on the assembly line after rejects are tossed out for scrap materials.

We are grooming human beings who are uniquely individual and diverse in their…

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