Is wordpress attacking my blog again?


I think I have had it with wordpress. I am noticing the same strange behavior I had on my previous blog .

And then wp attacked my blog and devastated it.

They got especially strange when I pointed out that this blog was not experiencing the same problems ….

Now what do I do about blogging and readership growth? Since I pointed out how aggressive their marketing was of their preferred blogs, wp has tightened up their marketing of all blogs and only focus upon the ones they like, now.

That has cost me around a thousand readers …..

Oh well. It is time for me to launch a new backup blog.

Isn’t it?


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2 Responses to Is wordpress attacking my blog again?

  1. segmation says:

    Whoa! Sorry about that happening to you. Maybe you will find that ghost?

  2. How have they been attacking you? When you speak of aggressively promoting certain blogs, are you referring to the Freshly Pressed stuff or something else? Not being critical – honestly curious. I don’t have a major problem with WordPress, but I don’t think it’s as perfect as some do.

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