WHAT is important?


For such a common word, ‘what’ is sometimes important. Isn’t it?

When someone says, “You did WHAT?”

Don’t you immediately try to figure out ‘what’ got you in trouble? I opened this blog thinking I would write about the debt and deficit. But, if you look down at my ‘tag cloud,’ you will find I have already done blogs on those.

But, as I thought about ‘what’ was important about our governments wasteful spending, I realized, ‘what’ is always important.

And the brother to what is ‘which.’

Someone says to you, “He lost the game.” You do not think, “He did NOT lose.” Instead you ask, “What game?” or “Which game?”

Notice our real focus, it is not on the ‘noun,’ or the ‘subject’ of the sentence. The focus is upon WHAT.

So, as I sat here, I realized just how important one simple little word is.

Then I found this application to see how often we use a word. And I was surprised to find ‘which,’ and ‘what.’ far down the list. Much further than I expected.

But, still high up in the rankings. They are 31 and 46 most commonly used words in this listing.

I wish I had found something like this for Russian earlier than I did.

Here is the site for Russian.

I hope you have fun looking up a couple of your favorite words. Look them up and tell us what number they are.


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