Why is America paying terrorists?


I am at a Navy reunion. And sometimes Patriots react harshly to our President and his terror inspiring friends, like Napolitano who calls Veterans ‘terrorists.’

So, when I heard this statement I thought, “Ouch. That was a strongly worded comment.”

Then I googled.

Ouch!!! Our President pays Nidal Hasan over $6,000 per month.

$6,000 a month for murder?

He should have been executed already.

What do you think?


I apologize, wordpress is not letting me link directly to the article.  So, cut and paste:  http://allamericanblogger.com/11374/fort-hood-shooter-still-collecting-military-pay-cant-find-bank-willing-to-take-it/ .

Or, google Hasan’s pay ….

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