Terror in America.


Terrorism is getting old.  Don’t you think?

So, why has our State Department imported terrorism for decades?

Under the Clinton Administration, the ‘Presidents’ were already setting up anti-terrorism programs in the USA.

Why don’t they tell us?  But, that is a different part of the overall question.

They spent billions defending against terrorists at super bowls and on anti-biological defense networks.  Why?

Why did they continue to import people from terror prone regions of the world and from terror prone people groups?  When did terrorists earn rights?

And why does ‘our media’ call them ‘freedom fighters?’  Why does ‘our media’ blame their problems on the Russians?

But, the greatest question is why is our government importing terrorists?  Can’t the government which represents ‘We the People’ let us heal for a decade or two before it continues its social experiment upon us?


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