CNN says terrorist was just misunderstood?


Our real enemy is quickly showing their faces.  Progressive ‘journalists’ are calling the terrorists misunderstood.

CNN Article.

Maybe the terrorists could do America a favor and blow up a couple hundred of our journalists?  I wonder how long they would continue to call them merely misunderstood?

Friends, our progressive haters are crazy.  They are so busy hating America, they befriend our enemies.

These were not misunderstood kids killing a cat with fire crackers.  These were murderers killing children, because they hate us.

Just like the progressive who went on a killing spree in Colorado, or the other in Connecticut?

‘We the People’ need to put the enemies of America in jail, death row, or the grave.

America has done many things throughout history we can be ashamed of.  Many things we could apologize for.  But, ‘We the People’ are not responsible for the hateful people who are trying to destroy America.

What do you think?


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