Prejudice in America.


When the Shah fell in Iran, and the Iranian ‘students’ seized the American Embassy, I had just had an Iranian room-mate.  After that, I had many Middle-Eastern friends and associates.

During the Iranian crisis, several Arab friends were attacked.  And after the Marine bombing in Lebanon, several Iranian friends were attacked.

The problem with massive importation of Muslims is a trichotomy (as opposed to a dichotomy).

First, it is difficult to absorb other people groups at any time.

Second, our government is prejudicially biased for Muslims and biased against Mexicans or Russians.

Thirdly, there are large numbers of Muslims who are angry at America and Americans.

Let me digress for a moment and deal with the third issue and the consequences of American action abroad.  Our government is not telling us what is happening abroad.  And there are at least five problems causing Muslim anger towards America.

1.  Many Muslims are jealous of how America has been blessed.  I do not want to say greedy, rather jealousy or envy will suffice.  They find it difficult to believe Allah would allow infidels to be blessed while they ‘suffer.’

2.  American government does strange things against common sense.  Our State Department backs the ‘democracy movements’ across the world as they violently overthrow government after government.

Foreign Assistance.

And ‘We the People’ get blamed for the violence – I wonder why?

3.  There are ‘actors’ who are stirring up the hatred because that gives them power and control over people.  This includes religious leaders and OUR media misrepresenting the facts.

4.  Some people are crazy.

5.  And a little known social problem.  People do better with an enemy they can express their anger towards.  Many Muslim societies do not tolerate anger towards other Muslims, and especially towards similar Muslims.  And it is easier to ‘blame’ America rather than to work through their own social problems.

Going back to our ‘trichotomy:’  C.  Importing large numbers of Muslims will allow large numbers of people who are angry at America into America.

You would think the State Department would understand (‘get’) that.  ‘It’ does not.

B.  Being prejudiced for any people group gives that group greater power than other groups.  You take from someone to give to someone.

Taking from Orthodox and Catholic people to give to Muslims does not ‘balance.’  Rather it tilts the power towards Muslim ‘refugees.’  There are many more Christians in areas of unrest who would make better refugees than the average Muslim refugee.

And ‘A.’

We are still absorbing people from almost a century ago.  It takes a long time to absorb.  And our State Department is acting like it can be done quickly and cheaply.

Quick and cheap gets us what we paid for – too many home-grown terrorists.


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6 Responses to Prejudice in America.

  1. chicagoja says:

    Excellent thoughts. I agree that “actors” are stirring up hatred. The biggest actor of all is our government which funds and trains terrorists both home and abroad.

  2. Its very fitting that the title is “Prejudice in America” and you follow it nicely with ridiculous caricatures and baseless generalisations. Not even the slightest attempt to use facts or evidence to back up your claims. Just the assertion that Muslims are angry at America and probably terrorists. Nice.

    Also its spelt “Shah” and you could you try not to refer to “importation” of Muslims as if they were a container of goods?

  3. Yes I hear different opinions every day. Why do you ask? As I commented on your post response to me, that study does not support your claims at all. In fact, it shows the opposite. It says that “Terrorist attacks on civilians — including American civilians — are overwhelmingly rejected.”

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