Do Muslims hate America?


One of you inspired this post, so I thank you for contributing.

With the bombing in Boston, a lot of our hateful reporters claimed an internal American threat (read that ‘white’) would be the cause.  They used trumped-up statistics to show all (almost all) violence in America is terrorism caused by ‘white’ supremacists.

But, the real problem was, and will be, Islamic hatred towards Americans.  One of you challenged that.  So, I went out and found evidence.

Muslim Anger At America.

The University report looked at studies of Muslim populations around the world.  And they found a greater than 50% anger towards America.  Even under Obama’s friendly administration.

We build Mosques – a serious violation of the Constitution.  America is building mosques.

But, the scary fact is that we are trying to appease a group of people.  But, within that group, most hate us.

Let me be clear.  Many Muslims like us.  They enjoy the fruit of our labor, blood, and tears.  But, most Muslims world-wide do not like us.

I am a Texan.  And many people in the USA do not like me.  I hear, “Oh, Texas.  You Texans are arrogant.”  But, not liking me is not supporting acts of terror against my state, or my country.

Supporting acts of terror against me, my faith, my soldiers defending your freedom, etc is not an act of love, or like.  That is an act of hatred.

And there is too much hatred of America in the world.

Do you think we can appease the anger in the Islamic world?

I don’t.  But, I think you already knew that.  What do you think?


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5 Responses to Do Muslims hate America?

  1. sally1137 says:

    I never met a Texan I didn’t like. But then again, I never met LBJ….

  2. Did you actually read the sources you quote? I ask this because the University of Maryland study clearly says “Radical Islamist anti-American groups that use violence, such as al Qaeda, are not broadly popular. Terrorist attacks on civilians — including American civilians — are overwhelmingly rejected.” This is complete opposite to what you claim. You are contradicted even by your own evidence. I also couldn’t find where you got the 50% number.

    There is no evidence to support your claim that “most” Muslims hate America or support terrorist attacks against it.

    Your second claim is also wrong as your source also shows. America is not building Mosques, but rather preserving cultural sites (of all religions) around the world.

    • Robert,

      You took both articles out of context. From the first article: “However, the problem of hostility toward the United States should not be seen as simply a function of a relatively small band of militants ready to take up arms against America. Such militants arise from a larger society that breeds and in various ways sustains them. “

      • You claimed those articles supported your claim that most Muslims hate America. They do not. You are willfully misrepresenting your sources and twisting them to give them a meaning they never originally had.

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