Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal


You stated your belief. That is not the same as ‘making your case.’

You have asked that society discriminate against my Religion in order to redefine marriage.

Let us lay aside the damage which is being done to my freedom to practice my Religion, let us focus upon your need to support your claim.

As the advocate for change, you have the burden to show discriminating for gay couples will not discriminate against people like me; that it will not hurt people like me; that it will not injure children; and that it will benefit the gay couples you claim it will help.


Whistling In The Wind

If two people love each other, what right do politicians have to tell them they can’t get married? What right do they have to impose their beliefs on the rest of society? Same-sex marriage does not affect straight people so why do they care? It’s a private affair that is no one else’s business. It doesn’t harm anyone or have any negative effects. So what’s the problem?

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5 Responses to Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

  1. Discriminate against your religion? Do you even know what the word discriminate means? How the hell is same sex marriage discriminating against your religion? (You seem to be some sort of Christian) How is your freedom to practice religion being violated? If you don’t like same-sex marriage, don’t have one. What right do you have to tell people what to do when it doesn’t concern you?

    You also have no idea how the burden of proof works. Why would gay couples discriminate against you? Who ever suggested they would? Of course they wouldn’t, in fact, how would they even be in a position to do so? Of course gay marriage won’t harm children, who ever said it would? That sort of claim would require evidence.

    I am saying that same sex marriage will not cause any harm to anyone, but will allow gay and lesbian people to express their love for each other. Are you expecting me to provide a study or research to follow this up?

    • Marriage is defined by God, not by man. And that is RELIGION.

      Redefining Marriage against God and His will ( that is most religions by the way ) is discrimination AGAINST religious freedom.

      And all of your claims require support – you are arguing to change society and censure religious freedom.


      • Marriage defined by God? No. Marriage has existed long before religion or Christianity. Even if the Churches themselves refuse to recognise same-sex marriage, this does not mean the state should do likewise.

        You really don’t have a clue what discrimination looks like.

      • Robert,

        Discrimination looks like what you are doing. You claim to ‘know’ what was before history.

        Having studied Religions, the only ‘religion’ I know of which seemed to have a gay element was that of the Navajo. As a minor point, the Navajo do not view themselves as having a religion, though they have all the elements other groups have.

        So, tell us, if Religion has not defined Marriage for over 10,000 years, why were marriages formed by Religion long before ‘government’ intervened?

  2. What are you talking about? How am I discriminating and against who? I am not claiming to know before history, what a ridiculous accusation.

    You are basing your argument on Christian opposition to homosexuality (which if you read the Bible forbids homosexual acts and not marriage). Christianity does not own marriage, as marriage long predates it. Few religions have an explicit rule for or against homosexuality, Islam and Christianity being some of the few. Most Pagans religions made no mention of it.

    You seem to think that if marriage was not formed by government it must have been formed by religion. Actually it has its roots in tribal custom and culture.

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