The burden of proof


Please remember those who claim changing the status quo in their favor is good for you and for me, have the burden of proof.

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As I have often noted, the progressive political agenda have not been good for you or for me.

Yes, the agenda is good for some people. That is almost always true. But, the burden of proof for changing the historic and traditional America belongs to those supporting the progressive agenda.

And no one has ever shown that the change is good for you or for me.


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4 Responses to The burden of proof

  1. A poor attempt to change the subject. For the readers who don’t know what Ghost is referring to, on a previous post he/she claimed that the average same sex household had 50% higher levels of violence. I asked for evidence to prove this and Ghost has instead repeatedly dodged the question.

    I do believe same sex marriage should be legal and here’s why:

    • Robert,

      This was not directed at you. If you would read the comments on my blogs, you will find you are not alone.

      I gave you an answer, and you obfuscated my answer. You merely claimed I did not answer, when I have answered many times.

      Good try.


      • I am one of the few commentors and you still (a dozen comments later) have not said what the source is for your claim that same sex households have a 50% higher incidence of violence.

      • Robert,

        Thank you again for your comments.

        I just bumped the blog post you are looking for. It did not take me any longer than it would have taken you.



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