Why do gays want violence against women?

I needed to bump this previous blog for the few who do not read my blog except to challenge a couple of posts.





I just read this article on CNN.


The reason they give for adding gays to the domestic abuse shelter tax program, is that they were not getting priority treatment.

BUT, in the fine print, we read that the LGBT community has a much HIGHER ABUSE RATE.

For decades, you have been told I am the problem.

I am a white male.

I was the reason women were abused.

I have taken a woman to an abuse shelter.

TRUST ME, they DO NOT NEED crazy LGBT women there on top of the CRAZY straight women.


When someone ‘noticed a man in the house,’ the cry went out like a FIRE ALARM. The wailing began. The woman and children I brought began to tremble and rock back and forth.

Traumatized women do not deal well with SAFE MEN. What do you think…

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