Are Jihadists Muslim?


I watched Nihad Awad from CAIR on the Bill O’Reilly show.

As always, Bill did not allow his guest much wiggle room. But, when he asked his guest, Nihad, if radical Islamists were wrong, Nihad said ‘No.’

At first, I felt like Bill voiced, that Nihad was taking the side of the terrorists. But, then I began to realize Nihad truly felt Jihadists are trying to re-define Islam as only violent.

I immediately thought of the discussions I have moderated through my blogs about gay advocates trying to change the definition of Marriage.

When anyone redefines language, because of personal prejudice, it is always offensive.

So, we come to a true problem.

Are Jihadists Muslim? Just as are gays married, the question raises the greater question, “Who really owns the definition of our words?”

Now, if you have read my blogs, you already know I have blogged about how many Muslims world-wide favor the violence against America. But, is it ‘fair’ to describe them as Jihadists? Yes, they call themselves that.

But, many Muslims seem to be genuinely offended by radicals using the Muslim Religion and hiding behind Islam for their war against America and Americans.

Personally, I understand the argument. But, I still find it difficult. Do I define Muslims by their historic and traditional definitions? If I do, I feel the Jihadists are Muslim. Or, do I allow modern Muslims to define their religion for their modern time?

If I allow modern, liberal, Muslims to redefine their Religion, who do I allow to define ‘marriage?’

I think that should be historic and traditional Christianity ….

So, I am torn. I would like to give power and credence to the liberal Muslims who want to soften Islam for a modern world. But, if I do, liberals will discriminate against me and redefine my Religious definition of marriage.


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2 Responses to Are Jihadists Muslim?

  1. Adnan R. Amin says:

    Interesting point. My 2 cents as a Muslim: Muslim is one who surrenders/obeys. By definition a terrorist can’t be Muslim. Liberal AND conservative Muslims denounce terrorism. I’ve always thought we should fight terrorism with Islam. Thanks.

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