Can we save the Western World?


I just read a blog by a woman who focuses upon SEO for deciding what to write about.

It was interesting to read her perspective on divorce, and yes, that is her ping back on the last article I wrote on divorce.

The West is deteriorating so fast.

Family is being destroyed before our eyes.

And yes, I have blogged on it not being as bad as the negative press tells us. But, it is still not as good as God would want it to be.

Nor as good as our children deserve. Don’t children deserve better? The lack of fathers in the lives of their children is the single greatest predictor of violent behavior, depression, hyper-sexual activity, and yes, even homo-sexuality.

Can we reverse the progressive attack upon marriage?

As a side note: Do you find it ironic that our progressive Presidents always want their wives and children in their lives? I do.

But, with so much being forced upon us, can we slow down the devastation that ‘change’ is bringing upon us?

Can we save the Western World, or is it doomed to die? Soon?


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5 Responses to Can we save the Western World?

  1. *Sigh* another day, another unfounded accusation. I would ask you for sources or evidence for your claims but experience has taught me that it takes several repetitive comments to get a link that doesn’t say what you think it does.

    No the lack of fathers does not cause homosexuality. This is your daftest claim to date.

    There is a link between lack of stable family and criminal behaviour. However, this is the case regardless of whether the parents are married or divorced. So if a mother divorces her violent and abusive husband and the children become associated with anti-social behaviour, this may be misinterpreted as divorce causing the anti-social behavior. Instead the cause of the divorce should be examined.

    Since when are progressives attacking marriage? Perhaps the reasons progressives are married is because they really aren’t attacking marriage.

    How is any of this causing the collapse of the Western World? Exaggerate much?

    • Robert …. Robert …. Robert,

      Thank you for your comment.

      When will you realize, your change side has the obligation to prove tradition and history are wrong.

      Oh well, I have blogged on those topics as well. And in those blogs, I included links. Since I remember what I wrote rather well, there really isn’t a need for me to look them back up.


      • Am I supposed to look through your entire blog archive to find these links? That’s as ridiculous as expecting you to have read every post on my blog before you can debate me.

        I am going to try and explain the burden of proof one last time. If someone makes a claim they must back it up. If I say tax cuts are bad, I must provide evidence to support this claim. I can’t say other people are changing things they must explain themselves. That’s not how it works. You claimed that absent father was a cause of homosexuality. The burden of proof is on you. The fact you are not even trying to provide evidence shows how weak your argument is.

      • Robert,

        That is not how the burden of proof works. If you claim something new is good, you must justify why the change.

        Automobile seat belts for instance. Flying in airplanes for another. Both had to be justified before they came into common practice.

        And yes, you can look through my entire blog. Or, you can support your reasoning for change. Reason is different than desire.

        I agree with you that you want (desire) change. I do not agree that your desire for change is enough evidence to support the change to the status quo. Especially since your change damages my right to practice my Religion.


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