It IS a SMALL world.


As I am leaving Tucson, who do I meet?

First, a lady who was visiting the VA hospital south of Waco.

Her son hollered at her, “Mom come over here.”

She told me, “I thought he had gone crazy.”

As she walked up, the old man in the wheelchair said, “Your father Joseph Dell(*) was the best soldier I served with. I took a photo of him when he was driving for General Patton.”

Then my driver was Russian, you know I live there part of the year.

Then the guy in front of me in the security line knew Russian. He was from Montenegro and his partner was from another of the Former Soviet Countries …. you did NOT know the US government paid for their vacation … OK, they actually came over to study our police system …. So, our government did NOT pay for their vacation.

It is a small world.

I try not to offend people because of that. But, on the internet, there are always people offended no matter what I write.

So, I just write for the small world which loves family, God, and country.


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